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    Unlock the full magic power of wpsc Support Tickets, including all past, present, and future plugins, enhancements, and themes, all for one low price.

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    Upgrade to wpsc Support Tickets PRO and get 3 professional, high end Wordpress themes, included with your purchase.

Here's Why You Should Upgrade to PRO:

Attach Files

With PRO, users can upload & attach files to their tickets, which can simplify the process of helping your users.

Bulk Edits

With PRO, admins can edit multiple tickets at once, including closing, reopening, deleting, assigning users & more.

Advanced Tickets

With PRO, unlock an advanced ticketing system with severity, categories, departments & more.


Happier Clients

With PRO, your users can optionally close & reopen their own tickets.

HTML Emails

With PRO, you can optionally send beautiful HTML emails instead of the default plain text emails.

Full Control

With PRO, optionally allow all users to see all tickets & optionally allow editors, contributors, & authors to admin.


What is wpsc Support Tickets?

wpsc Support Tickets is a plugin for WordPress that allows you to offer support tickets to your website visitors & customers. Here's what the FREE version includes:

  • Users (and optionally guests) can create support tickets and reply to their own tickets
  • Admins can reply to, close, or delete any ticket
  • Front end support ticket interface is done in jQuery, and utilizes Ajax ticket loading
  • Customizable departments, email messages, and CSS for custom solutions
  • You can hide support ticket capabilities from a user who has not purchased a specific product (requires wpStoreCart)
  • Both the admin and frontend provides a WYSIWYG HTML editor for formatting
  • i18n ready and compatible & available in 15 languages



To install wpsc Support Tickets, go into the WordPress admin panel, and click on Add New under the Plugins menu. Search for wpsc Support Tickets, and then click on Install, then click Install Now. Once the installation completes, Activate the plugin.

Next, follow these steps:

  • Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress
  • Create a new page, call it something like Tickets.
  • Inside this page, place this shortcode only: [wpscSupportTickets]
  • Visit the wpsc Support Tickets Settings page and select a "mainpage" for wpsc Support Tickets to use, like the Ticket page we just told you to create

Basic Settings

The basic settings are available to all users. There are more advanced settings available to those who upgrade to wpsc Support Tickets PRO. You can access both the basic and PRO settings by visiting your Wordpress admin panel at
wp-admin > Support Tickets > Settings >

Main Page

The main setting you need to be concerned with is Main Page. This should be set to the Wordpress page where you pasted this shortcode:

If you fail to set a Main Page, then you will get blank white pages when a ticket is submitted, and wpsc Support Tickets will fail to run properly.


By default, wpsc Support Tickets comes with two departments: Support and Billing. Inside this setting, that looks like this:


that's because we use two pipe symbols to separate our values. Let's say we wanted to add two more departments, one called Q&A, and the other Beta Testers. To that, we would change our setting to this/p> Support||Billing||Q&A||Beta Testers

But wait, let's suppose we want to get rid of billing. This is what that would look like:

Support||Q&A||Beta Testers


This is the admin email where you would like to receive notifications of new tickets and new replies to tickets.

New Ticket Email

This is the email subject and plain text email body that is sent to users who open a new ticket. If you have upgraded to wpsc Support Tickets PRO, you can optionally send the email with HTML formatting by enabling the setting in your PRO settings tab.

New Reply Email

This is the email subject and plain text email body that is sent when a reply happens on one of their tickets. If you have upgraded to wpsc Support Tickets PRO, you can optionally send the email with HTML formatting by enabling the setting in your PRO settings tab.

Disable Inline Styles

By default, this is set to False, meaning Inline Styles are enabled. wpsc Support Tickets uses some default inline styles so that the ticket system doesn't look bad by default. However, these inline styles can conflict with your CSS or other modifications. This setting allows you to turn off all the inline styles, giving you a completely unstyled support ticket system. Use the CSS guide further along in this documentation to style your support ticket system.

Allow Guests

By default this is set to false. Setting this to True means that users can create tickets without registering for your site. All they need to do is provide an email address to create new tickets, or manage an existing ticket.

Dashboard Widget

wpsc Support Tickets comes with an admin dashboard widget so that you can stay up to date.

The Frontend

Very little CSS is used, and almost everything is within tables (I know, I know, but it makes sense for support tickets and forms, plus it looks good by default on most themes.)

CSS Classes & IDs

The following classes and IDs are rendered on the front end. You can use CSS to stylize how wpsc Support Tickets are displayed.


#wpscst_top_page - Is really there just as an anchor for the top of the support tickets.

#wpscst-new - The button to create a new ticket

#wpscst_nic_panel - The panel for the new ticket editor

#wpscst_initial_message - The textarea for the new ticket editor (is replaced using Javascript nicEdit)

#wpscst_department - The department drop for the new ticket interface

#wpscst_edit_ticket - The DIV that is used to load old tickets for viewing/replying

#wpscst_meta - On an old ticket, this displays the author and timestamp

#wpscst_results_posted_by - On an old ticket, this is the ticket author

#wpscst_results_initial_message - On an old ticket, this is the first message that started the ticket

#wpscst_submit - The frontend submit ticket button

#wpscst-cancel - The frontend cancel button


.wpscst-button - All buttons

.wpscst-table -

.wpscst_results_posted_by - This is where the author is displayed on replies

.wpscst_results_message - This is the the author message

.wpscst_staff_reply_table - The is the table that holds a staff reply. If you style this different then the rest of the replies, you can make staff replies stick out.

.wpscst_staff_reply_thead - Same as above, except governs the thead tag.

.wpscst_staff_reply_tbody - Same, but the tbody tag.


wpsc Support Tickets is i18n ready and compatible. Currently we provide English, Swedish, Norwegian, & French versions (thanks to users who have created and provided the translations.) If you speak another language, and would like to make a new translation, please consider releasing it to the community (leave a comment below or contact us.)

To make a new translation, you should be familiar with the i18n system. In the languages folder, you will find wpsc-support-tickets.pot file, which you can use to create your .po and .mo files.

Use Poedit, or the editor of your choice to create your translation. Save your new translation as .po and .mo files.

Place the created .po and .mo files in the /wpsc-support-tickets/languages/ folder, using this naming convention: wpsc-support-tickets-xx_XX.po where xx_XX represent your language code. For example, for a Swedish translation, the file name is wpsc-support-tickets-sv_SE.po

For optimal translation depth, we recommend setting your language in wp-config.php before installing and activating wpsc Support Tickets. Otherwise default options, such as the email subject and email text, will use English, since it was written into the database during activation.

Translation Credits

  • Norwegian (Norsk) by Rune Kristoffersen ( post@sports-markedet.no ) http://www.sports-markedet.no
  • French (le Français) by Hawaien88 -> Merci à Hawaien88 pour la traduction Française.
  • Swedish (Svenska) by Stefan Johansson
  • Brazilian Portuguese (português brasileiro) translation provided by Thiago Bernardi, e-mail address: thiagobernardi@outlook.com
  • German (Deutsch) translation provided by Markus Scheffknecht, contact at https://twitter.com/Scheffhauser
  • Finnish (Suomi) by Mikko Ohtonen http://twitter.com/mopetti
  • Dutch (Nederlands) by Jos Wolbers http://www.wolbersonline.nl

Action Hooks

Beginning with wpsc Support Tickets version 2.0 and higher, you can now extend the functionality of wpsc Support Tickets through the use of built in action hooks. Here is a list of hooks:

  • wpscSupportTickets_settings() - Echo out additional form items to be presented in the Settings admin page.
  • wpscSupportTickets_saveSettings() - Save the POST data from the form items you defined in the wpscSupportTickets_settings() action hook.